Packing List for the Florida Keys

Beach Packing List for the Florida Keys

Whether you are attending our Homeschool Travel Adventure or going on a field trip to the Keys with your family, this Florida Keys packing list will help you get prepared!

If you’re attending my Travel Adventure, I’ll leave it up to you to pack the things you always need for your family. This packing list covers other things you might not have realized would be handy to take with you. It also includes a few things that are particular to this trip (and possibly other field trips to the beach). The trip is planned for October 13 – 18th, 2023 and the temperatures will still be very warm. Average daytime temperatures will be around 85 and average night time temperatures will be high 70s. Rain is quite common during October.

Beach Packing List for the Florida Keys

Pre-Trip to Dry Tortugas (and for the Keys Primary Trip)

  • motion sickness meds (many people recommend taking it even if you never get motion sickness). I’m hearing a lot of people talking about these patches.
  • light sweater or sweatshirt for ferry over
  • beach towel
  • backpack with snacks (no glass)
  • there is no phone service available on Dry Tortugas
  • cash and coins (snacks, gratuities, etc.)
  • water
  • extra dry clothes to change into
  • camera
  • binoculars
  • rain gear
  • passport book for national park stamps
  • sun protection and reef-friendly sunscreen aff
  • sunglasses
  • sunglasses floating strap aff
  • water camelback backpacks if you love them.
  • neck buff aff
  • (Don’t bring firearms, compressed gas, or aerial drones)

Things I Am Providing Core Trip

  • I will provide a cute homeschool tote bag.
  • field Guide Notebook
  • colored Pencils
  • magnifying Glass
  • CTCMath, our Platinum Sponsor, knows math and science go hand in hand, so they wanted to provide you with the dissection kits in order to support your children’s interest in STEM!
  • Homeschool Travel Adventures T-shirt

Items You Need to Pack

See the list for Dry Tortugas …. most of these supplies are for the Keys, too.

  • if you have dietary restrictions, I encourage you to bring snacks – just in case nothing will work for your needs.
  • epi-pens for those who have anaphalactic allergies
  • backpacks to carry clothes, a camera, sunscreen, etc.
  • beach blanket
  • reusable water bottles
  • snacks for each person because we will be on the go constantly
  • sunglasses
  • sun hat or baseball cap, etc.
  • swimsuit and cover-up (PLEASE wear a swimsuit that isn’t revealing or wear shorts and a shirt that you don’t mind getting wet. For many of our water activities, the vendors recommend one-piece suits for women and girls and shorts for men and boys.) Note, you will not be able to wear any jewelry with the dolphins, sea lions, or sea turtles. I’m leaving most of mine at home.
  • I ask that all travelers wear modest clothing that doesn’t promote alcohol, drugs, etc.Just think function over fashion y’all. 🙂
  • water shoes required (These can be close-toed water shoes–since we will be walking on small jagged rocks–or Chacos. Flip-flops are not recommended because it’s more likely that you will twist your ankle if your flip-flop slips.)
  • beach towels – Most hotels don’t allow you to take their towels to the beach, so we suggest bringing your own or buy them in Florida for a cheap memento to carry home.
  • reef-friendly sunscreen aff
  • SPF shirts are a good alternative if you don’t like using sunscreen. This one is similar to the ones I have.
  • reef-friendly bug spray aff
  • motion sickness meds (many people recommend taking it even if you never get motion sickness). I’m hearing a lot of people talking about these patches.
  • lip balm with sunscreen
  • aloe vera gel
  • dry bag (if you want/need one) aff
  • plastic bags for wet clothes and shoes if needed
  • life jacket (for sizes not covered—kids under age 5 and/or under 35 lbs) OR if you want your kids to wear life jackets all the time when they’re near the water, you’ll need to bring your own. The company will provide them for the primary kayaking in Pennekamp
  • mask/snorkel equipment
  • your family’s favorite game(s) for downtime
  • baggies or some kind of bag for your family’s trash while we’re at the beach. Of course, we don’t want to leave wrappers or empty water bottles or any other trash on the beach.
  • hand wipes to clean up before meals in case we aren’t in a place where we can wash our hands
  • camera or waterproof camera for taking photos
  • You will also want/need to pack the regular items (clothing, toiletries, medicines, etc.) that you always pack when you go on a trip. This list is mainly for things directly related to the trip that I want to be sure you don’t forget.
  • we will be doing a lot of walking, new shoes are not recommended.
  • first aid kit (bite sticks, rub rash cream, etc.)
  • reusable snack bags (great as an ice pack or water pouch too)

Things to Consider Adding to Your Beach Packing List

  • waterproof phone pouch (This one was 44% off when we published this list.) aff
  • solar battery charger – I have this one. aff
  • small backpack cooler aff
  • flashlights for when we are out late – Red mode is good to have! aff (Although our marine biologist will not allow us to have those on the beach at night and she will explain why).
  • headlamp – Maybe we can do a spider hike!! You will be fascinated. aff
  • Florida nature guide aff
  • internet is spotty so I always travel with a mifi. I have no idea if it will work… but if you have not heard of it, research it! I love mine. You have to have an internet provider too. I use Verizon and my cell is AT&T. That way I have both bases covered and usually can get internet with one of them.

Road Trip Ideas

If you love including educational travel in your homeschool, we hope this beach packing list helps you prepare for your next educational trip to the beach!

If you’ve never included travel as part of your homeschool, I would love to invite you and your family to join me on one of my Homeschool Travel Adventures!

I also love to share ideas for you to use if you decide to take your homeschool on the road.

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