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Welcome to Homeschool Travel Adventures! Join us for fun-filled, educational homeschool adventures... where lifelong friendships begin. Our next adventure is to Mt. Rushmore! This Enlightening Encounter: A Journey Through Native History at Mt. Rushmore is a comprehensive K-12 educational experience designed to immerse students in the rich tapestry of Native American culture surrounding Mt. Rushmore, The Black Hills and South Dakota, in general.

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CLOSED: Mermaids and Manatees

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Ready for a homeschool adventure like no other? On this adventure, we will dive into the enchanting world of mermaids and manatees, where imagination meets education in the most magical way.

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Hi! I am Trish, the founder and owner of Homeschool Travel Adventures. I've been coordinating homeschool travel for large homeschooling groups for eight years. My family has made so many wonderful friendships along the way.

Our family calls Tennessee home. We live in a very rural area of West TN. These homeschool adventures were how our three homeschooling boys made so many friends over the years! All three boys are now in college and are succeeding in their studies and those social skills non-homeschoolers worry so much about! Two are in the same fraternity. One is an RA for his dorm. But all of them miss these travel adventures! One day I may actually organize a reunion trip for all our families to meet up and catch up!

Join us for one of our upcoming adventures! You will find a wonderfully supportive community that loves to have fun and learn on our educational adventures.