Florida Unit Study

Florida Unit Study 

If you’re planning a trip to Florida or if you’re joining us on our Homeschool Road Trip to Sebastian Island Inlet in a few weeks, we think you’ll enjoy using this Florida and the Sebastian Island Inlet Unit Study before your trip!

Florida unit study

You could also use it after your trip as a refresher or to learn more about what you’ve already seen and experienced.

Why do a unit study related to a field trip? 

It’s true that children and adults learn and retain more of what we experience when we have previous knowledge to build on and relate to during the trip. That’s why we love giving our travelers unit studies related to the locations we’re visiting. It truly does help our travelers get more out of our trips (or your own trip)!

What will you learn from this unit study?

This 55-page unit study is full of information related to Florida! You’ll find information about plants, animals, bioluminescence, and lots more including:

  • the water cycle
  • water cycle vocabulary
  • ocean tides
  • a geography/map activity
  • sea turtles and sea turtle conservation
  • ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  • information about bioluminescence
  • geography terms
  • a geography terms concentration game
  • pages to research and record state symbols and motto
  • pages for learning more about plants and animals found in Florida
  • information about a Gyotaku art project

Print out the pages you’d like to write on or keep to read and study again. Other pages may be viewed on your computer instead of printing. It’s up to you!

We truly do hope you enjoy this unit and learn a lot together with your family.

Click this link to get your copy of our Florida and the Sebastian Island Inlet Unit Study!

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