Beach Packing List for Marine Biology Camp

Beach Packing List for Our Marine Biology Camp

Whether you are attending our Marine Biology Camp Homeschool Road Trip or going on a field trip to the beach with your family, this beach packing list will help you get prepared!

If you’re attending marine biology camp on one of our Homeschool Road Trips, we’ll leave it up to you to pack the things you always need for a family vacation. This beach packing list covers other things you might not have realized would be handy to take with you. It also includes a few things that are particular to our trip (and possibly other field trips to the beach).

beach packing list

Things We Are Providing

  • Truett McConnell, our Platinum Sponsor, is giving each family a backpack to use to carry materials needed for the educational sessions.
  • mesh drawstring bags (for collecting shells and carrying nature journals and watercolors each day)
  • Jeannie Fulbright’s Swimming Creatures Zoology curriculum
  • Homeschool Heirloom Planner by Jeannie Fulbright for the moms on our trip
  • Heirloom Nature Journal by Jeannie Fulbright for everyone!
  • dissection tools
  • watercolor paints and brushes
  • Homeschool Road Trips T-shirt

Items You Need to Pack

  • your own backpacks to carry clothes, a camera, sunscreen, etc.
  • beach blanket
  • soccer chairs (if driving)
  • reusable water bottles – There is a water station where we will be at Sebastian Inlet. (If you prefer your own water, you may want to purchase this after you arrive at Vero Beach.)
  • snacks for each person
  • sunglasses
  • sun hat or baseball cap, etc.
  • swimsuit and cover-up (PLEASE wear a swimsuit that isn’t revealing or wear shorts and a shirt that you don’t mind getting wet. Since we are a family-oriented group, we ask that our travelers wear modest clothing and clothing that doesn’t promote alcohol, drugs, etc.)
  • water shoes required (These can be close-toed water shoes–since we will be walking on small jagged rocks–or Chacos. Flip-flops are not recommended because it’s more likely that you will twist your ankle if your flip-flop slips.)
  • beach towels – Most hotels don’t allow you to take their towels to the beach, so we suggest bringing your own or buy them in Florida for a cheap memento to carry home.
  • reef-friendly sunscreen
  • SPF shirts are a good alternative if you don’t like using sunscreen. This one is similar to the ones I have.
  • reef-friendly bug spray
  • lip balm with sunscreen
  • aloe vera gel
  • dry bag (if you want/need one)
  • plastic bags for wet clothes and shoes if needed
  • life jacket (for sizes not covered—kids under age 5 and/or under 35 lbs) OR if you want your kids to wear life jackets all the time when they’re near the water, you’ll need to bring your own. The company will provide them for the bioluminescent kayak experience.
  • mask/snorkel equipment (if you want it)
  • your family’s favorite game(s) for Family Game Night on Sunday evening
  • baggies or some kind of bag for your family’s trash while we’re at the beach. Of course, we don’t want to leave wrappers or empty water bottles or any other trash on the beach.
  • hand wipes to clean up before meals in case we aren’t in a place where we can wash our hands
  • camera or waterproof camera for taking photos
  • You will also want/need to pack the regular items (clothing, toiletries, medicines, etc.) that you always pack when you go on a trip. This list is mainly for things directly related to our trip that we want to be sure you don’t forget.

Things to Consider Adding to Your Beach Packing List

Road Trip Ideas

If you love including educational travel in your homeschool, we hope this beach packing list helps you prepare for your next educational trip to the beach!

If you’ve never included travel as part of your homeschool, we would love to tell you more about our Homeschool Road Trips!

We also love to share ideas for you to use if you decide to take your homeschool on the road.


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