fossil hunt packing list

Fossil Hunt Packing List

Fossil Hunt Packing List

If you’re getting ready to go on a fossil hunt or hope to go on one in the future, you’ll need to know what to bring along. This fossil hunt packing list is a guide to help make sure you pack what you need–but not so much that you can’t carry it all!

fossil hunt packing list

For those who are doing the fossil hunt add-on as part of our Homeschool Road Trip (HRT) to swim with manatees later this month, I’m including information below about the items Fossil Funatics will provide and what you’ll need to bring for yourself and your family.

For those who are reading this article who are going on your own fossil hunt (not part of our Homeschool Road Trip), you’ll need to be sure to find out what your guide will provide for you (since it may differ from my list). Or, if you’re going on your own fossil hunt without a guide, you’ll want to make a note of each item mentioned.

As you prepare to pack, keep in mind that (on the Homeschool Road Trips fossil hunt add-on) we will be walking dirt trails, climbing questionable river banks, going over downed trees and deep pockets of water, etc. In other words, we will be out in nature–not on sidewalks or perfectly clear paths. For that reason, you’ll want to be sure to wear good walking shoes or tennis shoes with good treads on the bottom.

NOTE: At the particular location where we will be doing our HRT fossil hunt, restroom facilities are available. If that’s not the case on your fossil hunt, you’ll need to be prepared.

Below is a list of the things Fossil Funatics will provide for us on our HRT fossil hunt. Keep in mind each person will need to carry these things along with whatever else you pack.

  • floating sifter
  • shovel
  • gravel probe
  • fossil collection bag
  • 2 x bottles of water
  • light snacks
  • fossil identification and guide services
  • waist tie-pouches
  • mesh fossil collection bags to take all your goodies home

Here is a list of things you’ll need to bring for yourself. You may not need everything on this list. You get to decide what you want/need. Again, please remember that you must carry the things (above) that are provided by Fossil Funatics PLUS whatever else you pack (below). 

  • sunscreen- The Florida sun can be deceiving, even in the winter.
  • bug spray- Mosquitos, no-see-ums … got em’ all in Florida!
  • old tennis shoes with socks- Tennis shoes with socks are best for the terrain. Keep in mind that the old tennis shoes you wore to swim with manatees (unless you wore water shoes for that event) will probably still be wet. If so, you can either wear your wet shoes (since they will likely be getting wet again) or start out with some dry shoes. 
  • old clothes- River tannins can stain fabric, so be sure to wear something that you don’t mind getting wet and stained. 
  • hat & sunglasses- Need I say why??
  • towels- If you used quick-dry towels for swimming with manatees the other day, you can probably reuse those.
  • change of clothes or towel to sit on in the car
  • goggles/snorkel- Opportunities are sometimes present.
  • ziplocks/dry bags We are in the water, you know…
  • camera- LOTS TO SEE! Pack your Go-Pro/water camera, etc. 
  • Medicines- Allergies? Asthma? We’ll be in the river far from CVS!

To get a printable copy of our Fossil Hunt Packing List, click this link!

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