Give Your Children Experiences Instead of Things

It’s the dream of many homeschooling families to be able to live in an RV and travel! What a fantastic education travel provides! Whether your dream is to travel full time, most of us call it roadschooling, or to go on regular educational family vacations, educational travel is a wonderful option for homeschooling families.

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Giving Our Children Experiences

The truth is that most of our children have way too much stuff! But what they really need is time, relationships, and experiences! They need to go places and have experiences to learn about life, possible future careers, taking responsibility for themselves, and so many other things! Whether you’re able to buy an RV and go roadschooling full time or whether you rent an RV and go on vacation or take educational family trips, spending time traveling with your children is so much more beneficial to the whole family than buying things!

What Exactly Is Roadschooling?

For a great introduction to roadschooling, you can read this article on the Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers site. And here’s another article about a family with older children. This family calls it worldschooling instead of roadschooling since they include travel to other countries.

What If Roadschooling Isn’t Right for Your Family?

As I mentioned above, some families want educational travel experiences without living on the road. They want to give their children educational experiences (and honestly, most parents enjoy educational experiences too–especially when experiencing them with their children! We don’t have to stop learning just because we’re adults!) and have fun together as a family. I know that my family and I not only have a wonderful time traveling and learning together, but we just plain enjoy having time together when we’re away from the day-in-and-day-out responsibilities of home.

How Can You Work Educational Family Travel into Your Schedule?

If you’re looking for some wonderful and easy (We do all the planning!) educational travel experiences for your family, we would love to tell you about our HEART trips! (Homeschool ♥ Enrichment ♥ Adventure ♥ Road  ♥ Trip) You can read about the two trips we have planned for this year on the travel section of our site.

In October, we are headed to New Mexico to study geology and the dessert Southwest through the lens of the inhabitants. We start with a nice slow float down the Rio Grande with a Pueblo guide explaining to us what nature means to his people. Once we are back on land, we will have a Native American feast prepared by our guide’s family waiting on us. As we enjoy our meal around a campfire, we will talk about the full Hunter Moon that is rising…. and this sets the tone for our Fall Homeschool Road Trip! Community is a big part of our trips, we focus on bringing families together where it is comfortable and fun to build relationships with other homeschooling families. (NOTE: This trip is coming up soon, so if you’re interested, go ahead and read the article and get signed up! We always have a few families contact us after it’s too late to join the trip! We don’t want that to happen to your family!) Many of the families joining us this time will be traveling and staying in their own RVs – making our trip a part of their roadschooling experience! But for those of us who don’t have RVs we have blocks of hotel rooms waiting for you to reserve them!

Why Travel with Other Homeschooling Families?

As much as we love traveling with our own families, there’s still an extra element of fun and excitement when we travel with other homeschooling families. We’re entering our fourth year of hosting educational travel for homeschooling families, and we’ve seen over and over how traveling with other homeschooling families adds to the fun and adventure, encourages our children and our parents to form life-long relationships with other homeschoolers, and enhances the educational experiences we have to make them more fun and more beneficial to all of us! If you can’t always travel with other homeschooling families, you should still do it now and then if you possibly can!

What We’re Doing to Encourage Families to Travel

Not only do we plan HEART trips to encourage homeschooling families to participate in part-time educational travel, but we’ve also realized that companies need to be aware that a growing number of homeschooling families are interested in educational travel. We want those companies to know we’re here and to know what we want and need in order to make educational travel (especially educational RV travel for those who want to roadschool full timej  or part time) a possibility.

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Why We’re Attending RVX

Trish and I are going to have the opportunity to attend an event in March called RVX (which stands for The RV Experience) in Salt Lake City. At RVX, RV manufacturers and suppliers will unveil the latest RV products to their dealer partners. They’ll share information about consumer trends, growing consumer segments (like homeschooling families!), and new products and features. This event is the kick-off to camping season, and we’re thrilled to be invited to attend and to represent homeschooling families like yours!

One of the reasons for attending this event is so that we can see what’s new and what might be of particular interest to homeschooling families. And of course we’ll be sharing (on social media and here on the site) some of the things we’re doing and seeing so you can find out more about what’s available to you. And while we’re there, we want to let folks know that homeschoolers are an awesome group of folks with smart, interesting children who love to learn and explore.

We’re excited to have this opportunity to be an ambassador for homeschooling families and to meet the other media there! Some very well known publications will be at the event, and we’re hoping to get to chat with some of them about homeschooling and homeschooling families!

  • Esquire – City Escape
  • O, The Oprah Magazine – Destination Camping
  • Woman’s Day – Family Friendly
  • Travel & Leisure –Luxury Living
  • Wired – On the Horizon
  • Backpacker and Outside – Outdoor Adventure
  • Whalebone – Van Life
  • Popular Mechanics – Sustainability
  • Sports Illustrated – Team Tailgate

Some of the media partners in attendance will, after RVX, go on their own RV trips and share about them with folks who are interested in RVs as a means of vacationing or possibly as a way of life! Trish and I were happy to have been able to experience such an RV trip several months ago at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in North Java, New York. You can read about it here

We truly are excited about attending RVX–where we’ll be able to tour display vehicles, talk about homeschooling families, and represent you!

A Look Into the Future of Camping

Something else we’re really looking forward to experiencing and sharing is a look into the future of camping! KOA (Kampgrounds of America) will be there to give us a look at what camping might be like in the year 2030. KOA will have a virtual reality display showcasing different design elements based on landscapes in urban, seaside, forested, moutainous, and desert campground settings. For example, in the future campers will be able to do things like use on-site automated voice command technology to order services or deliveries (of firewood, for example) and sign up for experiences. There will be retractable roofs on cabins and glass-floored campsites so campers can see the natural landscapes, such as rivers or valleys, that the campsite is perched upon. (This will be particularly exciting to thrill-seekers like me!!) There will even be pet parks with bathing areas and enhanced water features for pets!

According to KOA president Toby O’Rourke, since 2014, more than six million North American households have adopted the camping lifestyle–with campers who camp three or more times a year having increased by 64 percent.

Be sure to follow along with our adventures. The hashtag is #RVX2019. Leave us a comment below to let us know if there is anything in particular you want us to cover while we are there!

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